Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Chicken Soup for the Soul

When you think of something that is good for the soul, what do you think of?  I automatically think of chicken soup!  And then I think of those cheesy, but entertaining, chicken soup for the soul books...remember those?  I'm not ashamed to admit I've read most of the series...well, maybe I'm a little ashamed.

I was originally making this soup yesterday, but then was forced to get sidetracked because of my sister, who was meeting me up for a run, was having cheeseburger cravings.  Before I knew it, I was sticking the cooked chicken in the fridge, dragging my husband into the car, getting cheeseburgers, and baking sea salt chocolate chip cookies as soon as we got home.  It turned into a "let's be fatties" night.  Needless to say, she is no longer allowed over during the weekdays!

Speaking of running, if you're looking to become a better runner, I suggest you download the couch to 5K app on your smartphone.  It is so awesome!  I have never enjoyed running because I am like an old lady and power walk.  My excuse is the horrible shin pain and my horrible ankles...old lady excuses.  Anyway, it's a great app to teach you how to get used to running and get ready to do a 5K.  I have one coming up next weekend, which I am super excited about!

So today, AFTER MY RUN, I resumed last night's dinner, chicken noodle soup and pesto grilled cheese sandwiches.

This recipe does take a little time since it is from scratch, but it's totally worth it and you have leftover soup for lunch the next day!

Chicken Noodle Soup:

olive oil
1 large onion, chopped
2 tbs minced garlic
1 cut up whole chicken, rinsed, and patted dry
2 bay leaves
1 sprig rosemary
2 sprigs thyme
8 cups water
1 tbs salt
freshly cracked pepper
2 stalks celery, chopped
1 sliced carrot
1 cup dry egg noodles
fresh parsley, chopped

Heat a large pot to medium high with 2 tbs olive oil.  Add onion and garlic, saute until edges of onions begin to brown. Add chicken and let lightly brown on all sides.

Add bay leaves, rosemary, thyme, water, salt, and plenty of black pepper.  Bring to a boil and then let simmer for about 20 minutes with the pot partially covered.

Remove chicken to a plate to cool.  Drain the broth through a sieve into a bowl.  Be careful, the broth is super hot!  You'll be left with a somewhat clear broth.  Give the pot a quick rinse and pour in your broth.

Bring the broth back to a simmer.  At this time you can add some extra salt to flavor, but be careful not to over salt the broth!  Add the veggies very carefully trying not to splatter yourself.  Let the veggies simmer in the broth for about 10 min.  Add the dry egg noodles and let cook for about 8 or so minutes.

In the meantime, shred up the chicken.  Once the veggies and noodles have cooked a bit, add the chicken and let simmer.  The soup is cooked!

Garnish with fresh chopped parsley.

Pesto Grilled Cheese Sammies:

4 slices sourdough bread
4 slices of any cheese, I used colby jack
Jarred pesto, a good quality kind

Preheat the griddle or pan on medium heat.  Spread pesto on both sides of bread and top with cheese.  Butter the top of each sandwich.  Start by toasting the buttered side first and as it is browning, spread butter on the other side.  Flip once golden and let the other side brown up.  Cut in half.

Enjoy, Enjoy!